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Advantages of Drum Motors in the industry


Drum Motors in drive technology, Drum Motors are used to drive fixed or moveable conveyors for the transport of a wide range of bulk goods; they are also used in beltless transport systems.

Today’s production companies commonly choose to use conveyor equipment for their production operations. Conveyor accessories can be used in accordance with the needs of automated factory production materials as well as logistical transport.

For example, the role of drum motors in luggage conveying systems: Due to the rapid development of China’s economy, efficient service has become a necessary trend. The value of airport ground services is composed through humanised facilities and luggage conveying services, and the ability of customers to pick up their luggage in the desired *short* time and place becomes the direction and goal that luggage conveying system machine builders try to pursue. This also sets the test standard for the quality of the mechanical components of the baggage handling system. The baggage handling time at airports has to be reduced to a *minimum*, and the machine’s downtime can be calculated in minutes, with the advantages of high power output, low noise and quick maintenance, making it an important driving device in the mechanical parts of the baggage handling system. Through the use of matching belts, it is the drum motor that plays an important role in the luggage handling system. And we also follow EU national design standards in the food conveying industry.

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