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Advantages of non-standard automation equipment


The most important thing in manufacturing is equipment. You need a good machine to produce any product. Where is the advantage of non-standard automation equipment compared with traditional equipment? Cost reduction – the benefits of high-tech is to reduce labor costs and solve the problem of difficult recruitment, can reduce a lot of costs for enterprises every year, but also save the cost of training high-end talents. Reduce casualties – because of mechanical automation operation, greatly reduce the occurrence of industrial accidents in enterprises, through the display can be directly operated equipment, the accident rate of equipment injury is naturally reduced. Customer customization – one of the biggest advantages of non-standard automation equipment is that different equipment can be customized according to different requirements and needs of different customers. This is the advantage of flexible response of non-standard automation equipment, and it is also an important condition to ensure customer volume and sales volume. Capacity efficiency – efficient capacity utilization, non-standard automation equipment using different processes and technologies, when customized to customers, can be for the production of a product technology improvement, so as to achieve efficient capacity utilization. Product design – as for the design of non-standard automation equipment, it is still more focused on standardization.nonstandard automation equipment

It is produced in strict accordance with national standards. This also ensures reliable product safety and does not make it impossible to guarantee its quality. Non-standard automation equipment pays more attention to modularization: because each user can be customized according to their different needs. Non-standard automation equipment in this respect fully reflects its advantages, because there is only one module, so it can better play the performance of the module. Summary: Non-standard automation equipment can solve some complex problems of low efficiency or difficult operation in the process of manual production. The purpose of the design of non-standard automation equipment is to improve the production efficiency and capacity of enterprises, so as to reduce the cost of unnecessary loss caused by workers’ wages and manual operation.

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