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Anti-corrosion Of Drum Motor


Drum Motor is a mechanical equipment, motor drive roller which is mainly made of metal parts, the characteristics of the metal is easy to corrode, so we need to do a good job of maintenance work in ordinary times in order to ensure the performance of the drum, to ensure that the operating environment is dry, prevent rust, but also do the following work.

1. The production of electric roller mainly consists of initial turning of roller body, static balance of initial calibration, interference assembly and welding of shaft head, finishing turning and dynamic balance of finishing calibration, etc. If the behavior tolerances such as roundness, cylindricity and straightness are required to be less than 0.2 mm, then after finishing the wheel, a cylindrical grinder or a roller grinder is needed for grinding. If the surface hardness is required, the heat treatment procedure shall be added. According to the size of the classification, there are large such as paper machinery with the drum, there are small such as automatic assembly line belt conveyor on the use of the Pinto roller. 2, in the process of scrubbing, be sure to wring the rag dry, don’t get wet on the electric roller. 3, to check the lubricating oil, whether it is clean, and to replace the new regularly. 4, do not let the equipment in the state of sun and rain and the environment, otherwise, not only rust, the life of the product will also have a very big impact. Do a good job of electric drum anticorrosion work can not only ensure the good performance of the drum, but also prolong the life, avoid frequent replacement of drum, reduce economic expenditure, and anticorrosion work is also a way to use the drum, please pay attention to it.

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