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Application Range And Characteristics Of Drum Motors


Drum motors are widely used in mining, metallurgy, chemical industry, coal, building materials, electric power, food and transport as a power source for belt conveyors and lifting equipment.

1、It can replace the widely used motor and reducer type external drive device to form a tape conveyor, which can convey bulk materials such as coal, ore, sand, cement, flour, etc., and can also convey linen bags, equipment and other items.

2、 Simple and compact structure, occupying a small space area.

3、 It is well sealed and suitable for working places with high dust concentration and wet mud.

4、 Easy to use and maintain, safe and reliable operation, long life.

5、 Less energy consumption, and easy to realize centralized control.

6、 Can meet the needs of various backstops, brakes, cladding, etc.

Working conditions.

1、 Use the ambient temperature of a 15℃, +40℃.

2、 Altitude not more than 1000m above sea level.

3、The temperature of the conveyed material does not exceed 60℃.

4、Voltage 380V, frequency 50Hz.

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