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Box-Type Conveying Drum Motor

Box-type conveying drum motor is a self powered roller made by setting metal gear box, mini motor and other electrical electrical elements in high technique methods. It has greater torque, single zone drive can reach up to 500kg goods. It also has lower energy consumption, new technology can make energy consumption reduce more than 10%. Box-type conveying drum motors have wider speed, speed range of 50mm is 2-300m/min. It is easier to control, four different driver cards can meet the needs of intelligence.

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Product Features:

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Box-type conveying drum motors have high efficiency, the combination of new high efficiency motor and high precision gear makes the best performance. Box-type conveying drum motors have characteristic of high speed, the speed can be from the lowest 1m/min to the fastest 300m/min. It also has feature of low noise, noise levels were reduced by 10% compared to other conventional products. Box-type conveying drum motors can save space. By using an elastic shaft, the installation is simplified and the maintenance is very easy. It also can save time, compared with the traditional gear motor, the number of parts needed to drive is significantly reduced, thus reducing the time of design, part procurement and assembly. Box-type conveying drum motors can reduce and control the workload. Various drive features such as regional management logic, sensor signal input function can significantly reduce the time of controlling and wiring. Besides, the speed can be adjusted to meet the customer’s requirements flexibly. DC 24V voltage is used to ensure the safety. Box-type conveying drum motors are maintenance-free, it is easy to change and no maintenance required.

Product Parameters:

Box-type conveying drum motor
Voltage DC24V/ 48V
Power 10W-300W
Line speed 3M- 50M
Diameter 50mm
Shell material carbon steel galvanized, chrome plated, stainless steel, rubber coating, pack polyurethane
Linkage mode multi-wedge, sprocket, synchronous wheel, V type wheel, O band, straight stick
Material of synchronous wheel iron, stainless steel, aluminium alloy, zinc alloy, plastic steel
Shell length 200-2000mm customized
Control card positive inversion, continuously variable, PLC control

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Application and After-Sales Service:

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The box type conveyor drum motor is widely used in food processing, pharmaceutical production, electronic assembly, airport logistics, postal services, distribution and various industries. It meets the diversified and automatic needs of different industries. We guarantee the quality of all drum motors we produced, and our drum motors also have the CE security certificate of international authoritative organization.

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