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DGBL50/60DC Brushless Gear Reduced Drum Motors


Today we bring you the 50/60 diameter Drum Motor for a wide range of applications in food processing, medical production, electronic assembly, airport logistics, postal services, distribution and various industries. We can meet the diverse and automated needs of different industries.

The shape and size can also be customized according to your requirements!

Introduction to 50/60 Drum Motors

The DGBL 50/60 Drum Motor is suitable for speed regulation, medium and light loads.
Built-in energy efficient DC brushless gear motor. Complete with control card.
Output torque available in 40W standard and 80W enhanced versions.
Use DC 24VDC or 48VDC safety voltage.
Speed 0.5-95m/min.
Wide range of speed regulation, 12.5%-150% (speed regulation according to model).
Adapted to a variety of intelligent control cards for IO control, RS485 and other interfaces.
Drum material: carbon steel galvanised, stainless steel, lengths can be customised.
The rollers can be grooved and can be fitted with O-belt pulleys, V-pulleys, timing pulleys, multi-vane pulleys, chain pulleys and other linkage components.
Simple and easy to install, intelligent control.

High power 80W

The DGBL50/60 Drum Motor is available with an output power of 40W or 80W. The difference is that the 80W has a higher power, a higher output turndown and a correspondingly higher current.
The input power of a drum motor is the electrical power and the output power is the mechanical power. This is because there are copper losses, iron losses and mechanical losses in the drum motor. In general, the output power is less than the input power.
A 40w drum motor will run a little slower but save power, while an 80w drum motor will run faster but cost a little more power.


The AS standard (40W) can be used for small belt conveyors and the 40W can be used for roller conveyor lines with a maximum load of 150 kg.
The HAS Plus (80W) can be used for small belt conveyors. 80W can be used for roller conveyor lines with a maximum load of 200 kg.news4 2

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