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Drum Motor Conveyor

Drum motor conveyor is mainly composed of some motor drive rollers and chains. The chain is connected with the motor drive rollers, so that all the rollers have a linkage relationship. In a drum motor conveyor, two of the rollers are connected with the motor through the chain, and the rollers are driven by the motor through the reducer, thus driving all the rollers to rotate. The motor is generally installed in the middle to reduce the stretching force of the chain, which is conducive to driving.

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Product Features:

Drum motor conveyor is convenient maintenance, maintenance of drum motor only needs to disassemble and install some rollers. Drum motor conveyor is only suitable for transporting goods with flat bottom, not for transporting goods with irregular or uneven bottom. Multiple roller lines and other conveying equipment can be used to form a complex logistics conveying system to meet various process needs.

Product Parameters:

According to the driving mode, conveyors can be divided into power drum conveyor and no power drum conveyor. According to the layout of the form, conveyors can be divided into horizontal roller conveyor and turn roller conveyor.

Application and After-Sales Service:

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Drum motor conveyors are widely used in our life and work, including food processing, pharmaceutical production, airport logistics, postal service and some other different industries. It meets the diversified and automatic needs of different industries. We guarantee the quality of all drum motor conveyors we produced, and all of our products have the CE security certificate of international authoritative organization.

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