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Conveyor Drum

When choosing conveyor drum, many factors need to be considered including the load of the item (the lightest and the heaviest), the shape and characteristics of goods, the design and condition of the bottom of goods , delivery speed, roller bearing is static load or dynamic load, environment (humidity, temperature, corrosive chemicals, clean rooms, etc.), static electricity’s effects on the goods and environment, conveyor is electric or no-power.

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Product Features:

The main factors are affecting the carrying capacity of the conveyor drums, including shell, shaft, and bearing, and are determined by the weakest of them. Beyond the limit of the load will cause the conveyor drum become excessive bending, causing irreversible permanent deformation, so that the transport becomes unstable. Insufficient strength of shaft will lead to changes in bearing’s stress status, thus affecting the service life of the bearing. Overload will greatly reduce the service life of the bearing. When selecting the drum, it is also necessary to consider other factors such as the height error of conveying surface after the drum is assembled and the local stress during loading and unloading. The mechanical properties of steel tube and stainless steel are similar in bearing capacity, and they are generally considered to have the same bearing capacity when used. In general, increasing the wall thickness can only enhance the resistance ability of the shell, and it has little influence on the bearing capacity of the conveyor drum.

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Product Parameters:

Conveyor drums
Diameter 18-114mm customized
Shell material carbon steel galvanized, chrome plated, stainless steel, rubber coating, pack polyurethane
Shell length 200-2000mm customized

Application and After-Sales Service:

Conveyor drums can be used in different kinds of conveyors. Our company produce various specifications of delivery drums, diameter: ø38, ø50, ø57, ø60, ø67, ø76, ø80, ø98, ø113, 165, ø216 and we can produce according to customers’ requirements. There are many technicians and workers in our factory, and there are many production lines. We try our best to shorten the production time and deliver goods as soon as possible, so that customers can use our products in a very short time. We can guarantee the quality of all drum motors we produced, and our delivery drums all have the CE security certificate of international authoritative organization.

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