Sorting Drum Motor

With the rapid development of the logistics industry, the distribution equipment is widely used all over the world. The traditional mechanical structure of the distribution equipment is easy to cause abrasion and malfunction of transmission components in the usage of customers. Sorting drum motor is specially design for these equipment. Each power unit of sorting drum motor is an independent type of electric roller, and there is no abrasion and consumption of transmission parts during operation, realizing maintenance-free.

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Product Features:

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Sorting drum motor has many advantages in the usage. Drum motors are assembled to installed roller arrays. The 485 communication bus can centrally control the start and stop speed regulation. In the operation process of smart rollers, there is no wear and consumption of the traditional structure, so as sorting drum motor can achieve maintenance-free operation. It also has feature of low noise, saving time and saving space, high speed, safety, convenient and good-looking.

Product Parameters:

Sorting drum motor
Motor type non-inductive external rotor brushless permanent magnet synchronous motor
Voltage DC48V
Power 30W-50W
Rotate speed 300-1000rpm
Control drag and drop four controllers
Communicate 485
Working system S1

Application and After-Sales Service:

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Sorting drum motors are widely used in the express industry. It has brought a lot of convenience to the express delivery industry, making the express delivery industry more automatic and intelligent, saving labor force. Our company not only provide high quality and competitive price, but also provide good after-sales service, we hope to become friends with customers and establish a long-term cooperative relationship with our customers all around the world. If the sample order below 10 pieces of smart roller, the production lead time is 1-10 days, bulk order like 100 pieces is about 30 days, and more than 200 pieces need to be negotiated. To better ensure the safety of customers’ goods, professional, environmentally friendly, convenient and efficient packaging services will be provided. Our company aims to provide better service for various customers. The tenet of the company: to be our customer, be our best friends.

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