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Low Voltage Servo Drum Motor

Low voltage servo drum motors need accurate control and operation of belt. Smaller diameters can be selected to reduce the weight and volume of trolley and belt modules, making equipment operation more lightweight and energy-efficient. Low voltage servo drum motors can achieve high precision control and real-time response.

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Product Features:

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The acceleration and deceleration of low voltage servo drum motors can be adjusted. Low voltage servo drum motors have many advantages, such as high precision control, low noise, saving time and saving space, real-time response, high speed, safety, convenient and good-looking. By using low voltage servo drum motors, bag on and bag off are quite smooth. It makes the load of conveyor heavier. The 485 communication bus can centrally control the start and stop speed regulation. There is no wear and consumption of the traditional structure in the operation process, achieving maintenance-free operation. Low voltage servo drum motors are suitable for parcels of 0-30kg.

Product Parameters:

Low voltage servo drum motor
Voltage DC48V
Power 400W
Rotate speed 300rpm- 750rpm
Communicate 485 CAN
Working system S2
Guide pulley V type guide pulley

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Application and After-Sales Service:

We are professional manufacturer of drum motors in China. Our warranty period of rollers is 1 year. The single drum is packed with cardboard, and the whole package needs to be packed with wooden boxes. Both the drive monomer and the whole package are packed in cardboard. All the motors in the factory have tracking test tables, which can be traced back to the size of each part. The performance of drum motors are 100% tested before delivery. Our factory guarantees the quality of production and our prices are competitive. There are large number of professional technicists, workers and many professional production lines in our factory. We will try our best to develop more excellent products to make our life and work more automatic and intelligent.

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