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Quality characteristics of drum motor


Quality characteristics of drum motor:1. Built-in high-efficiency NdFeB permanent magnet synchronous motor。 The high-efficiency NdFeB permanent magnet synchronous motor has a higher conversion efficiency than the conventional AC motor. Under the same load, it can save 32% energy compared to the conventional AC motor. Unloaded, the power savings are up to 47%. Due to the use of efficient NdFeB permanent magnet, higher torque is obtained, and the temperature rise of the motor is reduced. In the case of constant torque, stepless speed range reached 80%. 2. safe working voltage. The built-in motor uses a 24VDC safe working voltage, there is no danger of electric shock, the operator is working at a safe voltage. Because the working voltage is low, the reliability of the motor is strengthened. For some special occasions, such as the need for flushing, and the diving work of the electric drum, the safe working voltage is the best choice.

3. 24VDC stepless speed regulation driven intelligent driver. The driver provides three modes of panel button control, switch signal control and 0-10V analog signal control, which can be directly connected to computers, bar code readers, infrared detection and other advanced control and transmission occasions. Photoelectric digital tube can just display the motor speed. Knob or 0-10V analog signal can be stepless speed adjustment to the desired speed. 4. Durable metal gears. The internal reducer adopts planetary gear structure, all the gears are steel, including ring gear, high hardness and high wear resistance to ensure the service life of the electric drum. 5. no matter continuous operation, intermittent operation, or even frequent start and stop, can easily cope with. tray conveyor motor roller

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