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Tray Conveyor Drum Motor

Tray conveyor drum motor can select different powers according to the load, up to drive 3000kg tray. Cooperate with intelligent control card, realizing network control, plug and play, effective space saving, maintenance free. Besides, the design, installation and the control can become very simple and good-looking.

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Product Features:

tray conveyor motor roller series 1

Tray conveyor drum motor has many advantages than traditional gear rollers. By using tray conveyor drum motors, the conveying system does not need to consider motors, chains, intermediate shafts and other auxiliary driving elements. There is no need for bulky gearboxes, just install the drum motors on the rack and connect the wires to the power supply, causing the conveying system become cleaner, more denser, more good-looking, more safe and more reliable. The design of tray conveyor motor drive rollers is really simple. It has the feature of saving space and time, the number of parts needed to drive is significantly reduced compared with the traditional gear motor, thus reducing the time of design, part procurement and assembly. Tray conveyor drum motors are also easy and convenient to install. It has high torque which can drive up to 1400 kg wooden pallet. Soft start/stop and the speed adjustment can ensure the stable operation. Tray conveyor drum motors have advantages of high speed, the speed can be from the lowest 1m/min to the fastest 300m/min.

Product Parameters:

Tray conveyor drum motor
Voltage DC24V/ 48V
Power 10W-300W
Line speed 3M- 50M
Diameter 76mm
Shell material carbon steel galvanized, chrome plated, stainless steel, rubber coating, pack polyurethane
Linkage mode multi-wedge, sprocket, synchronous wheel, V type wheel, O band, straight stick
Material of synchronous wheel iron, stainless steel, aluminium alloy, zinc alloy, plastic steel
Shell length 200-2000mm customized
Control card positive inversion, continuously variable, PLC control

tray conveyor motor roller series 2

Application and After-Sales Service:

tray conveyor motor roller series 3

Tray conveyor drum motors are widely used in postal services, airport logistics, pharmaceutical production, electronic assembly, food processing, distribution and many other different industries. It can satisfy the diversified and automatic requirements of different industries. We can produce many different specifications of tray conveyor drum motors according to customers’ requirements. Our factory have many workers and production lines in our factory, and we will try our best to shorten the production time and deliver goods as soon as possible. Good quality of drum motors can be guaranteed and our products all have the CE security certificate of international authoritative organization. We hope to establish a long-term cooperative relationship with our customers.

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